Saturday, July 14, 2012

Software and Interesting Times ahead

Welcome again..
In this blog post we will try to bring forward some information about programming languages and how there futures are planning. In here we will do an analysis on two of the most widely used languages  in Java and C#. How their future plans out could be a decisive factor when we think about programming in the next 5 years to come. Being the two most familiar programming languages to me I think I have fairly good idea about how each one of them operate. This post will not be a highly technical one, but something that would do a more of a comparison in to these programming giants Java and C#.

When considering the history of these two, both these languages have evolved a lot during the last decade or so. And it is fare to say that both languages have their strengths and areas where they have an edge over the other. Both being Object Oriented Programming Languages, both provide rich array of libraries for the developers to use. As for the current stable versions of the respective languages Java has SE7 where as C# has 4.0 which was released along side Visual Studio 2010.