Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The World We Live

This is the 21st Century and the man is expected to evolve more and more along with the improvement of the Technology. But unfortunately what we see in our daily lives is completely the oppersite of this expectation. Everyday people are going after useless and selfish desires. Money had become the undisputed ruler of the world. People have become so greedy of wealth and money such that they would commit any horrible act to make their bids successful. Humanity and the value of a human life had gone even below the value of zero.

Personally i believe that this is the worst era in the history of man kind. And this could well be the ultimate decider of the entire destiny of man. We keep on saying about the advancement of Technology, setting up civilizations on places like Moon, Mars..etc. But what does it mean to those people who are suffering in poor countries, will it make any difference to their suffering..? I am afraid the answer is a big 'NO'.

I know this is a very broad issue and can't be discussed through one article in a blog, furthermore various individual could have different view points regarding the same matter. (In that case you are most welcome to express them through 'Comments').

Reasons for most of these problems are the faults of our own, so there is no point in blaming each other. One individual may have committed it, but ultimately all of us would be at the receiving end. People should need to be more sensitive with regard to things which are happening around them. I would like to take a very simple scenario to explain this fact, sometime time back (10 - 12 years) when a pregnant mother or a woman carrying a baby get into a bus people would try to help them in different ways (At least by giving her a seat ), but nowadays people would start looking at each others faces without doing anything. This may sound very simple, but it is the reality, infact the bitter reality. This is the same old story where ever you go.

We, human beings are designed (I am not sure whether it is the correct word) in a way that all of us need the help of each other. No one can survive alone no matter how strong and powerful he is. We need to understand this. I think that it self could provide solutions for number of problems we have. We are supposed to be the most intelligent species on this planet, but thus far we haven't acted in that manner. This would be the ideal time to do so, if not all would be gone forever.

I am just a single individual, no Mahatma gandhi or any other. Personally i may have strengths and weaknesses of my own. But then again, all of us are not 100% complete, are we..?

Through this I won't be able to change the minds of everyone. But if i can send a message to at least a few, then it would be a consolation for me.

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