Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Universe and Our Solar System

Solar System is pretty much everything found around the Sun, which includes the Sun, planets, satellites (moons), asteroids, comets and anything else that is the area (dust and debris is pretty much all that remains). Scientists around the world are doing various observations and  tests to understand the birth of the solar system and the universe plus what the future would be for our sun and the universe. The discovery of ‘Higgs Boson’ in July this year completed the missing puzzle for most of the questions that scientists had about various speculations about the birth and evolving process of the universe. On top of all this the universe is full of various picturesque astronomical objects like quasars, black holes, galaxies, star nebulas, etc..

The power-point slide show that is attached here is a modified version of the presentation done by me at the Inaugural IFS TechIgnite event that was held on 9th November 2012 at Waters Edge, Battaramulla.

More details about the content of this slideshow will be added to this blog post later on. 

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